Dan Kois’ Official Ranking of My #1-Ranked Songs

Music Expert Dan Kois has gone through the songs I’ve ranked at #1 on each of the 20 (!!!) lists I’ve shared so far and shared his official ranking of those songs. We had a further conversation:

Dan Kois I would enjoy seeing a Top 25 of all songs so far. I have no sense of, like, where U2 stands in relation to Throwing Muses

R Kevin Garcia Doyle So you mean looking at everything ranked so far and identifying the to 25 of everything? Hunh.

Dan Kois yeah. would it just be 14 dexy’s songs and one of everyone else?? the people need to know

Presented without almost no further discussion from me (parenthetical comments are from Dan, the footnote at the end is from me) and with links to the relevant portions of the lists.

20. Tick Tick Boom (The Hives)

19. Dissident (Thomas Dolby)

18. It’s No Game Part 1 (Bowie)

17. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths)

16. The Bed’s Too Big Without You (Police)

15. Ray of Light (Madonna)
(This has made me so angry all over again)*

14. There There (Radiohead)

13. Night of the Swallow (Kate Bush)

12. Bright Yellow Gun (Throwing Muses)

11. Fascination Street (Cure)

10. Save a Prayer (Duran Duran)

9. Round and Round (New Order)

8. Paper Bag (Fiona Apple)

7. This Is What She’s Like (Dexy’s)
(my favorite of the songs I didn’t really know at all on this list)

6. I Will Dare (Replacements)

5. Roam (B-52’s)

4. One (U2)

3. Get Up (R.E.M.)

2. Just What I Needed (Cars)

1. Slippery People (Live) (Talking Heads)

* Presumably this is a reference to where I ranked “Cherish.” (#84)

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